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What is the Haiti Humanitarian Vacation?

The "Humanitarian Vacation" provides the average individual, couple or group the unique opportunity to play a role in the "renaissance" of Haiti after the earthquake. We wanted to share the experience of helping others without the worries associated with volunteer work abroad. We do this by providing a safe, organized and comfortable environment in which one can provide humanitarian aid while taking an opportunity to relax and have some fun! 
Here is how this trip will help in more ways than one...

Every passenger is encouraged to bring two checked bags on your trip.  One will be for you to bring everything you will need for yourself.  The other will be filled with donations for a local shelter, Orphanage or School that you will personally get to deliver and distribute to those in need. We will provide you with a list, in your welcome package, of recommendations on what should be packed in both suitcases. You would not believe the impact that this will make in the lives of these families... and you’ll get to see it first hand! This will be your chance to contribute to the support local schools and community-led organizations and initiatives. While you’re in-country, you’ll form real connections with individuals and families of another culture. But that's only the beginning,,, Once you have distributed your donated goods, you will have the opportunity to buy local, hand crafted goods to bring home as gifts and keepsakes of your time in Haiti.  Supporting local businesses and strengthening the economy.  Just coming to Haiti in itself makes a difference. This  is just one part of the incredible impact you will play in helping Haiti!

Our hope is that you will share stories of your time here with your Friends and loved ones and encourage them to try the experience for themselves.

  • Help the Haitian Tourism industry Flourish and Grow.  
  • Support local businesses and Strengthen the economy.
  • Educate people on Haitian History & Culture.  
  • Explore and experience the Unspoiled Beauty of the Island of Haiti. 
  • Aid Families in need. 
  • Connect with the community & Make new Friends for Life.

Our Journey...

I have been traveling to Haiti since 2005.  On Tuesday, January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck... causing an immense amount of destruction and chaos.  Many lives were lost and hundreds of thousands of people were left with no home, food, clothing and worse yet, no hope. Shortly after the Earthquake, my husband and I set out 
to Haiti to do our part to help our friends there.  We weren’t rich,
but we wanted to make a difference.  A real difference in the
lives of those in need.  We wanted to know that everything
we gave went directly to those who needed it.  We got to-
gether a few friends, collected donations from everyone
we knew, and set out on an adventure into the unknown.  
It was the most rewarding experience of our lives.  

Haiti has come a long way since then, but they still has a
long way to go.  We wish to offer a unique oppor​tunity to
​do something meaningful... while on Vacation!

To make your next vacation your most impactful one yet!  Help us achieve our goals...

Our Mission...

The Haiti Humanitarian Vacation