The Haiti Humanitarian Vacation 

 HELO, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that operates an orphanage outside les Cayes, bringing Home Education Love and Opportunity to orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.

Leading to the summit of the Mountain Goave in the village of Côteaux located in the south coast of Haiti, the "500 Marches de la Médaille Miraculeuse" meaning literally (500 steps to the Miraculous Medal), dedicated to the Virgin Mary, have become a popular pilgrimage site where thousands of pilgrims and tourists flock to these stairs to satisfy their spiritual needs. This graceful site was built by Aurel Exama in 2000 following an interior locution that recommended him to dedicate his life to the Virgin Mary. His determination became so strong and faithful that he decided to use his own assets and family support to bring this project to life. A statue of the Virgin Mary beautifully nestled in a sanctuary as well as a huge bronze cross just steps away from the shrine await all visitors who are able to reach the last stairs after pausing for the rosary along some of the stairs. 

CBG was founded on September 3, 2003 on 8 hectares. It is located between the two largest biosphere reserves in Haiti: Macaya National Park and La Visite National Park. It is the first and only botanical garden in Haiti, and received awards in 2007 and 2010 as an environmental model for Haiti. CBG is a member of BGCI (Botanical Gardens conservation International) and Fairchild Challenge Satellite Partner. The establishment of this garden is rooted to the biodiversity loss and lack of long-term structures and education to conserve biodiversity in Haiti.    (Source:

A remote beach on the island of Ile-a-Vache, off of the Southern Coast of Haiti, ranked 57th on CNN’s World’s 100 best beaches report.

Abaka Bay Beach is located on Ile-a-Vache (Cow Island), a small island whose submarine sand still lodges precious articles and remains of the warship of British Captain, Henry Morgan and other famous sea adventurers.

The beach, with very white sand and very clear water, is home to a resort, the Abaka Bay Resort, which offers rooms and very original beachside cabins.

The CNN report said "the island of Ile a Vache in Haiti punches above its weight in the beach class division -- the eight-by-two-mile island is home to Akaba Bay, boasting some of the best photo ops in the Caribbean. Quality and good value accommodation line the sands".

As a Highlight, CNN says "Abaka Bay Resort provides great views of the ocean, is one step from the beach and serves a mean conch dinner."

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Le Recul Hotel

​This orphanage is located in Laborde, Camp-Perrin and is operated by Pastor Mongerard. The children are between 4 and 17 years old. They are currently in need of 20 matresses . (aboutUS $50.00 each) and 4 dressers. Finally, they are in need of about $3,500 to finish up 3 classrooms.

With so much emphasis on the earthquake in Haiti in recent Years, there has been little said about how beautiful the country is!


Every Trip is completely customizable.  We have put together a host of options for you to choose from to make this your dream vacation.  This trip isn't just about helping others... it about you too.  Take a look below at the ever expanding list of places to visit on your next vacation to Haiti.  

On the Humanitarian side of the trip, we have partnered with Orphanages and Schools for you to visit during your stay.  In some cases, we are the sole sponsors for these children and institutions.  Everything we do, we do for them.  None of that would be possible without your help!

Abaka Bay Resort

ILe  A Vache, Haiti

About Our Partner

Port-Salut is a popular destination for local Haitians as well as tourists to a certain degree seeking relaxation and tranquility due to the beautiful beaches that the town is surrounded by. The area has yet to be discovered on a mainstream tourist level. With proper management and investment, Port-Salut could become a major tourist destination in Haiti. While here, we will visit The AU RAYON VERT Hotel for lunch. This Quaint Hotel has its own Private Beach and some of the best fresh seafood in Haiti. Their world renown chef will whip us up a delightful mean before heading to the Larger public beach. Here you will find true Hatian flair and one of the must beautiful setting for a relaxing sunset. For information on the AU RAYON VERT visit there facebook page at: Wikipedia)

The HELO Orphanage

Designation:  Orphanage/School

Number of Students: Approx 75

Number of Administrators: 4

Accomodations and Attractions


The Beau Berger Orphanage

Designation:  Orphanage/School

Number of Students: Approx 60

Number of Administrators: 4

Humanitarian Efforts

A chance to experience Haiti in a way like no other....


Groupment des Enseignants pour le Progres des Haitiens

Designation:  School

Number of Students: Approx 250

Number of Teachers: 6

Number of Administrators: 6

Botanical Garden of Cayes

Located in Port-a-Piment, it is the longest cave known to this day in Haiti. The cave is a veritable 2.5 mile-long labyrinth with three levels of galleries. Accompanied by a guide, you will be able to explore its depth and discover numerous types of underground landscapes. Access to the cave is done via a dirt path from the city. Fifteen minute walk. Duration of visit: between 1 and 4 hours according to your availability. (Source:

Marie-Jeanne Caves

Among the scenery of Camp-Perin are the beautiful waterfalls. The Saut Mathurine waterfalls are some of the most pleasing tourist attraction in Haiti. They are considered as a fine wonder of the Caribbean region. Saut Mathurine waterfalls drop about 30 meters in height and they measure about 30 meters wide. The area is surrounded by the green beauty of lush vegetation and the trail leading to the waterfalls has a variety of beautiful flowers, many species of birds for those who love bird watching and a diverse array of other beautiful plants. The waterfall base is a perfect swimming pool with the cliff above it offering a high point where locals and tourist jump into the waters.

Saut Mathurine Waterfall

The Le Recul hotel will be the base of operations during your stay in Haiti.  It is convieniently located in Camp Perrin, near the City of Cayes and the 3 Humanitarian partners we are working with.  Owned by Valery Numa, the staff is friendly, the accomodations are comfortable, and the food is excellent.  This Hotel provides us an air conditioned Van for u​se during our time in Haiti including transportation to and from the airport, attractions and Schools.  Please feel free to visit there web site at:

GREPHA is a nonprofit organization that is a school in the south of Haiti. It is located in Cayes. It concentrates in helping children in impovrished area by providing them an education. The principal is Mr Dimanche Valnor.

Currently, the school is in desperate need of financial help to build new classrooms for the children. 

The Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH) is a museum featuring the heroes of the independence of Haiti and the Haitian history and culture. The Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien was opened in 1983. This cultural center is to perpetuate and disseminate the memory of "Fathers of the Nation". One of its main missions is to participate in heritage conservation and dissemination of national culture. The MUPANAH is an institution whose function is the conservation, protection and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage. The museum traces Taínos, Spanish, and a section dedicated to the heroes of independence including silver gun with which Henri Christophe committed suicide and the bell used to announce the independence. It also contains chains of slavery, torture instruments, sculptures and temporary exhibitions of paintings. Another curiosity, the anchor of the Caravel of Christopher Columbus, the Santa María (ship) measuring 4 meters high.

Musée du Panthéon

National Haitien

"500 Marches de la Médaille Miraculeuse"